ARMORED FRESH Launches Their 'Plant-based Cheese' at 100 Large Marts in New York, USA

- The plant-based cheese developed by the company itself, which has received favorable reviews at international fairs, will be sold for the first time in New York, USA, from the end of September
- Many famous grocery stores in the U.S. act as import points for Armored Fresh … Three types of cubed cheese (cheddar, plain, blueberry) are currently being pre-sold

Food tech company ARMORED FRESH has launched its own plant-based cheese products at more than 100 famous local large discount stores located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Soho in New York City, USA, and the company has started their overseas expansion.


Photo> Cube cheese from ARMORED FRESH at a famous local supermarket in the U.S
ARMORED FRESH will use the U.S., a country already advanced in veganism, as a bridgehead for overseas expansion and sell their plant-based products in famous supermarkets in New York City. ARMORED FRESH, which has participated in a number of global fairs and demonstrated the excellence, marketability, and competitiveness of their own vegan cheese at the overseas stage, will make their first appearance to U.S. consumers through their store contracts.

In particular, there are many reasons as to why ARMORED FRESH chose New York as their first selling point in the U.S., as they are entering the global vegan market. Firstly, after achieving a successful start in the United States, which is the world's largest vegan market, the company is planning to expand to more diverse countries, such as Europe and Southeast Asia. Moreover, New York is a melting pot that represents the world beyond the U.S., as many diverse and cultures coexist in the city. As such, the city has the optimal conditions to establish the popularization of the vegan trend.

The full-fledged store opening began on the 26th (local time) under the leadership of the sales/delivery team of the U.S. corporation "ARMORED FRESH USA." By the end of October, three kinds of cube cheese (Cheddar, Plain, Blueberry) will be introduced sequentially, starting with 100 large grocery stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Soho, New York, including Key Foods, Met Fresh, CTown, Associated, and City Acres. The company also plans to expand to New Jersey later this year and sell their products to more than 300 stores.

In addition, Armored Fresh is seeking to enter large grocery chains such as Kroger, Wegmans, and Whole Foods Market, and the company is also in talks with U.S. Foods, United Natural Food, and Kehe. ARMORED FRESH plans to do its best to secure offline distribution networks to expand contact with global consumers in the future.

" It's a great privilege and pleasure of mine to be able to part-take in this exciting launch of Armored Fresh Cheese into the US market. We understand that the US market for cheese is one of the biggest in the world and there is a need for great tasting plant-based cheese. Understanding the demand from consumers for a cheese that tastes great and provides great nutrients is a passion of our company; therefore to be able to be part of that change is truly exciting for me." said Daniel Yang, sales manager at ARMORED FRESH.

Meanwhile, the plant-based cheese introduced by ARMORED FRESH in the U.S. retail stores is characterized by a soft texture and savory flavor comparable to that of regular cheese, which was done by completely improving the chronic problems of existing vegetable cheese through the company’s self-developed keymix. The keymix has an almond milk base and goes through a fermentation process, which results in the cheese containing protein levels similar to that of animal cheese (up to 20% per 100 grams).

Photo> CUBE Cheese Directed Cut Among ARMORED FRESH's Self-developed Plant-based Cheese Products