Armored Fresh held the launch event of their plant-based cheese at a world-renowned Michelin restaurant in the U.S.

- The launch event of Armored Fresh’s plant-based cheese took place at star chef Jean George’s vegan restaurant abcV in New York, a restaurant that currently has 3 Michelin stars.
- The company was able to bring to life their fairy tale-like visuals from their official website at the restaurant... Garnering attention from famous influencers who visited the event.

Food tech company Armored Fresh (CEO Oh Kyung-ah) successfully completed the global official launch of its plant-based cheese at abcV in New York, a vegan restaurant run by three-star Michelin chef Jean Georges.
Photo> Michelin star chef Jean George's vegan restaurant, abcV in New York, where the launch event was held.
Armored Fresh held an official launch event on the 24th (local time) at abcV, to mark the successful establishment of their own plant-based cheese and entry into the global market. AbcV is a famous vegan restaurant, found on the list of restaurants under the Michelin guide, as well as being a casual fine-dining restaurant that is famous among Koreans.

Armored Fresh’s efforts to make plant-based cheese with excellent taste and texture coincides with abcV's brand identity, which is recognized as the world's most prestigious vegan restaurant.

Armored Fresh put a lot of effort into producing the launch event, which had the main objective of showcasing the company’s plant-based cheese to the American market. The visuals presented at the event was inspired by the company’s own website, with much of the decorations attracting attention from the attendees. The unique visuals at the restaurant, which was decided by Armored Fresh themselves, created a real-life fairytale-like atmosphere that heightened the experience of those attending.

In particular, the launch event drew a large crowd of foreign celebrities, major media companies, and stock market officials, as it was the first time for Armored Fresh to present their plant-based cheese. Visitors who tasted Armored Fresh’s cheese gave their approval as the plant-based cheese was well received by those who tried it. There were also inquiries from distribution industry workers who came to the event, many of which commented on the excellent taste and texture of the cheese, saying that it was very similar to dairy cheese.

Meanwhile, after successfully completing the launch event, Armored Fresh has also been busy with selling their products in over 100 local supermarkets in New York since late September. Moreover, despite the company still being at the early stages of entry, it is continuing its successful overseas expansion as it is in discussion with large U.S. distribution chains. In the future, Armored Fresh plans to devote its time researching and developing products for better taste and texture, in order to expand their "K-vegan cheese" beyond New York and across the United States.

"We are very honored to officially launch Armored Fresh plant-based cheese at a prestigious vegan restaurant in New York," said Oh Kyung-ah, CEO of Armored Fresh. "We will provide an opportunity to experience our plant-based cheese not only in New York but also throughout the United States."