ARMORED FRESH Captures Attention at Its Second Attendance at CES

- Armored Fresh has participated at the convention for 2 consecutive years with their self-developed plant-based cheese. Now the company is catching attention once again, this time by targeting the North American market with their ‘American Slices.’
-The CES visitors crowded the Armored Fresh booth to have a taste of the plant-based cheese, especially as the company shared that their focus was on offering a product that has improved the texture of existing vegan cheese. Moreover, many were eager to have a bite of the new plant-based cheese as the products will be launched via online stores in January.

Food tech company Armored Fresh (CEO Oh Kyung-ah) participated in CES 2023, held in Las Vegas, USA from the 5th to the 8th (local time), and successfully wrapped up the event by promoting their independent plant-based cheese technology to the world.

Photo> ARMORED FRESH booth at CES 2023 (left), grilled cheese made with ‘American Slices’ (right)
Armored Fresh set up an outdoor booth on the Tech East side of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) exhibition hall at CES 2023 and unveiled its own sliced plant-based cheese ‘American Slices’.

Armored Fresh's 'American Slices', newly introduced at the event, boasts a high level of flavor that rivals that of animal cheese. The American Slices are a new product ambitiously introduced by Armored Fresh to improve the unnatural taste and texture of existing vegan cheese, which has been pointed out as a chronic problem in the vegan cheese industry. Furthermore, the company wished to overcome the stronghold of the plant-based ‘Cheese Cubes’ unveiled at CES last year.

In particular, this new product has a better texture when compared to existing vegan cheese. This has been achieved by focusing on 'melting properties,' the way cheese behaves and melts when exposed to direct heat. As such, in order to introduce their new product that is very similar to regular animal cheese, Armored Fresh decided to sample grilled cheese at CES, using their new and improved plant-based cheese.

During the 4-day CES 2023 event, the Armored Fresh booth was filled with thousands of visitors coming to taste the products. The company had a goal of attracting 10,000 visitors during their time at CES 2023, which was easily achieved as the enthusiastic response by the attendees spread at the event. Even though Armored Fresh thought 2,000 samples a day would be enough to satisfy those coming to their stand, each day the grilled cheese was gone in the early afternoon.

One visitor was thrilled to find a new favorite cheese of his, stating “It tastes just like grilled cheese with regular dairy cheese. I thought it would be difficult to find vegan cheese to replace the dairy cheese that I used before going vegan, but this cheese is an improvement from the other vegan cheese slices. This is a nice surprise.” In addition, Armored Fresh was flooded with investment opportunities from global companies, and inquiries about product sales from retailers all over North America, Europe, and Asia.

Armored Fresh is currently selling their products in over 200 large marts in New York, with big plans to expand their sales channels to retailers all over the United States, supplying their American Slices as well. In addition, starting mid-January, the company will open the possibility for its customers to purchase their cheese online, selling their products both on its official online store and Amazon. In particular, as the plant-based cheese was a massive hit at CES, the company is preparing for the same reaction from the public once their sales go online. 

Sara Jo, head of Armored Fresh’s overseas business team said “It means a lot to be able to publicize the success of our plant-based cheese, made using our own technology, which was now able to receive such positive feedback at CES for two consecutive years.” Jo continued, “Thanks to this, we will continue to preoccupy the market by presenting a lineup of more diverse flavors and products through our continuous research and development.”

Reference photo> ARMORED FRESH participating in CES 2023 and the newly introduced ‘American Slices’